MySQL Dev Conf 2006

March 19, 2006

Today was the last day of the annual MySQL developer's conference. This year we have been to Sorrento, Italy for a week. It was nice to see all the faces again and also to meet with the new employees since we are rapitly growing.

We released the MySQL Workbench beta shortly before the conference had a demo here and got pretty good feedback. Apart from a lot of team internal discussions I enjoyed a meeting with the Cluster team most - since I am pushing for a radical simplification of the Cluster setup using the MySQL Instance Manager.

Overall the conference was a success. Well organized, good meetings, nice location. The only problem I had was with the food served during lunch and the organzied dinners. I just say one word: seafood. On one of the evenings I took my team out and we were looking for something else than a Pizzaria we discovered one of the most outstanding restaurants I have ever been to, the Sorrento Photo Light Restaurant, Via Correale N. 19. Look for a nice team photo below. If you ever get to Sorrento make sure it is on your list.

Photo Light Restaurant
Photo Light Restaurant - Nice pics and light
Photo Light Restaurant - fltr: Vlad, MikeL, MikeZ, Alfredo